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Bi-Annual Campaign

"I think the feeling of sailing will last a lifetime – everyone should have a chance to try it!" – Peter, age 11
Sailor with tiller in hand

We’ve gone sailing!

"With your help, they can continue to experience sailing as a path for self-confidence and independence, and so can 1,000 other disabled children, adults and veterans."

Paul Callahan – President & CEO

Disabled kids on a Sail To Prevail cruise



“At first I never wanted to drive the boat, but after seeing the instructor do it – I decided I could do it also! If I can sail it made me realize I can do a lot with my life!”  


Young girls enjoying a Sail To Prevail cruise



Sail To Prevail's mission is to create opportunities for disabled children and adults to overcome adversity through therapeutic sailing.

Since our founding 30 years ago, Sail To Prevail has had a positive impact on 15,000 disabled individuals.

Our therapeutic programs are carefully designed for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, children with Autism, and children suffering from cancer.

Therapeutic sailing for the disabled improves fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, socialization, accomplishment, and the feeling of control over something larger than themselves. Our programs instill positive data points to overcome adversity in other parts of our participants' daily lives.

Paralyzed Veteran Sailing with Sail To Prevail


Through these proven programs, Sail To Prevail creates opportunities for disabled individuals to overcome the many obstacles in their lives:

• Sail Away from Cancer

• Confidence is Cool Summer Camp

• Adaptive Sailing for Children and Adults

• Disabled American Veterans Program


Sail To Prevail has given me back a sense of normalcy, and freedom, that I used to have before MS became an issue.”

– Jennifer Shortfall

Photo left – A new fleet of Independence 20s was commissioned in 2012.


Our Outcomes

90% of participants have more self-confidence to overcome challenges in other activities of daily life.

99% have a more positive outlook on life.

94% of participants feel that the program increased teamwork skills.

89% have increased leadership abilities due to sailing.

79% express that sailing has benefitted their physical condition.

99% would return to the Sail To Prevail adaptive sailing program.

(Results from 2012 Sail to Prevail Client Survey)

Young boy with tiller of a Sail To Prevail boat



"It is like nothing else they have experienced, and it really does have a long term effect on them. It makes them more positive and excited for life."

Penny Merris, Director of Day Services, West Bay

2013 - 2014

Please support Sail To Prevail's Bi-Annual Campaign! With your help, each year 1,000 disabled children, adults and veterans can continue to experience sailing as a path for self-confidence and independence.

$500 per year sponsors 1 disabled sailor.
$1,000 per year sponsors 2 disabled sailors.
$2,500 per year sponsors 5 disabled sailors.

$5,000 per year sponsors 10 disabled sailors.
$10,000 per year sponsors 20 disabled sailors.
$25,000 per year sponsors 50 disabled sailors.


Young girl on board a Sail To Prevail boat

Giving the gift of therapeutic sailing to children, adults and veterans; consider what your charitable contribution will mean…

Children with Autism will have their first life-changing sailing experience.

Paralyzed U.S. military veterans will have therapeutic sailing clinics.

Children suffering from cancer, along with their doctors and caregivers, will have the opportunity to participate in Sail Away from Cancer.

Severely disabled children will have a week of Confidence is Cool Sailing Camp.

Disabled children and adults from 20 agencies will have free sailing lessons.


Sail Away From Cancer group dockside


Paul Callahan has served as President & CEO of Sail To Prevail for the past 15 years. As an example to others, Paul also represented the United States Sailing Team in the 2012 Paralympic Games.

As a graduate of the Harvard Business School and a retired Goldman Sachs executive, Paul brings inspirational leadership and management skill to Sail To Prevail as a high performing nonprofit corporation.

Left: CEO Paul Callahan  on the dock with a group of Sail Away From Cancer participants, parents and doctor.


Sail To Prevail's Board of Directors and Board of Advisors support and guide our work

Board of Directors

Paul Callahan
George Hinman
Dean Gestal
David Kerins, Esq
Wendy Lotz
David Maruca
Cheryl McCarthy
Patricia Quick
David Waddill

Board of Advisors

Thomas Flynn, Co-Chair
Ingrid Flynn, Co-Chair
Christopher Bouzaid
Lydia Bouzaid
Dayton Carr
Christopher Culver
Clay Deutsch
Roxanne Leighton


Joseph Dockery
Kristal Dockery
Mary Gilbane
Leslie King Grenier
Torsten Gross
Thomas Harrington
Carol O'Malley
Nancy Potts
A. Rives Potts

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