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Comments About Sail To Prevail
or "Your Story"

If you have participated in a Sail To Prevail program (sailing or Confidence is Cool day camp), we would like to hear from you! Please fill out the form below which will be emailed to our office (or download and print the PDF version and mail it to our office: Sail To Prevail, Attn: Patty, PO Box 1264, Newport RI 02840)

How do we use this information?

We tally answers from many participants to compile statistics about our programs. Also, we can always use good quotes, interesting stories and great photos to help describe our program to prospective donors, as well as post on our web site or Facebook, to encourage other people with disabilities to come sailing!

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(Describe: eg. Paraplegic, Quaddriplegic, Amputee, etc.)
SCI - Yes I specifically have a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and NOT a disease or other issue that affects the spinal cord, but an INJURY.)

(Describe: eg. Down Syndrome, Autism, etc.)

How long has the Participant been disabled?: (from birth, or # of months or years)

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Please type a, b, c, d or e in the ANSWER space provided.

Your choices for the first five questions:

a. 100% - yes, totally!
b. 80% - very much more
c. 60% - quite a bit more
d. 40% - some
e. 20% - a little

1. Has the program given you more self-confidence in other activities of daily life? 

2. Has sailing in the program benefited your physical condition?

3. Has the program increased your leadership abilities?  

4. Has the program increased your teamwork skills?  

5. Has sailing in the program given you a more positive outlook on life?  
Answer: 5

Your choices for Answer 6:

a. General sailing, Newport
b. General sailing, Nantucket
c. Confidence is Cool day camp
d. Veterans program

e. Sail Away From Cancer
f. Wednesday Night Racing
g. Paralympic Training Clinic or Regatta

6. Which Sail To Prevail program did you attend:

7. Have you sailed at Sail To Prevail before?

If yes, when?      Earlier this year      Last Year
(Please list previous years: )

8. Would you return to the Sail To Prevail disabled sailing program?



Please feel free to write any other comments or “your story” about your experience sailing at Sail To Prevail (or attending Confidence is Cool day camp). Here are some questions to help you get started, but please feel free to write as much or as little as you like:

Introduction: What is your name? Where do you live? What is your disability? How long have you been disabled?

Sail To Prevail Experience: How did you hear about Sail To Prevail? Was this your FIRST time sailing at Sail To Prevail? How did you feel about the idea of sailing before you went out the first time? Describe how you feel when you are sailing. What is your favorite thing about sailing? Describe how sailing affects (improves, hopefully) your life.

Sharing with Others: What would you say to encourage other disabled individuals to try sailing?

Please write here (or attach a file below in .rtf, .doc or .pdf format):


If you have a favorite photo from your time sailing, please share it with us . Please identify the people in the photo and let us know the year it was taken, if possible.

(We can accept .jpg, .png or .tif formats)

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Alternatively, you may download a PDF version, print this form, fill in your answers and mail it to:Sail To Prevail, Attn: Patty, PO Box 1264, Newport RI 02840