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Confidence is Cool

Letter from the Camp Director

Dear Friends,

Since its creation in 1997, I have loved working for the “Confidence is Cool” Summer Camp for disabled children. I was nine-years-old that summer when a family member, who has previously been involved in the adaptive sailing program, told my sister and I that there was a camp starting for kids who have physical disabilities. After that first summer, I was hooked. Nothing in my life up until that point made me feel so much gratitude and passion. Now, all these years later, my passion, love, and dedication to this program has only increased.

In 2007, my second year as the Program Director, I expanded the program to accommodate teenagers as well as children. This expansion doubled the number of weekly sessions that were offered and, in turn, increased the number of participants exponentially.

The paradigm is simple: every person has strengths and every person has weaknesses. The reason why I love this program is because it offers a unique experience to each child, allowing all to learn from each other while pushing boundaries, promoting new friendships, encouraging mentorship, building confidence, and emphasizing fun!

The children that I have met over the years have humbled me and instilled a sense of confidence in me that I was not aware was achievable. I value the friendships that I have created with all these families and they have become to feel like an extension of my own. I wholeheartedly believe that this very special program will prove to be beneficial to every individual who is interested in getting involved; young, old, able-bodied or disabled!

Please, contact me if there is anything I can assist with or any question that I can help to answer for you!

Sarah Kirwin

Camp Director
Confidence is Cool