Patrick's Letter (continued)

Sensory integration has always been a central part of my daily routine to be successful at living my life to its fullest. Deep massage, stimulating toys, music, videos, etc. help to keep me balanced and therefore receptive to sharing opportunities with others.

While I was still in high school, I had the opportunity to begin sailing with Sail To Prevail, through their summer camp. My first time out was indescribable. I experienced a connection with the world around me in a whole new way. My body, often uncooperative with my expectations, was at one with the movement of the boat. I felt the power of the wind moving the boat and myself through the water with an ease that unified my senses.

Each time I sail, I experience the same relaxing sensations except when there is no wind and I get anxious to feel the sensations of sailing. I look forward to sailing each summer and the feelings of accomplishment I get after having gone out on the boat. I know that I am doing something not otherwise experience by many people in my shoes. This feeling of accomplishment and sensory balance prevails into all areas of my life. Not being able to sail is like not having fruit to eat. My life is better balanced when I can sail.

My mother is grateful beyond understanding to be able to help to provide this opportunity to me. She cannot help me to play baseball, or soccer, or football. She cannot access much of what currently exists for people without disabilities and even with disabilities for me. This is fulfillment of her wishes for me to have a life as full and as enriching as possible. Sailing makes us both very happy.

Patrick and Cynthia Feighan
May 16, 2012