Sail to Prevail boats sailing out of Newport Harbor
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Program Highlights 2015

Participants take turns pulling lines and using the tiller to sail the boat - teamwork!

Overall, 422 sails were provided by our Adaptive Sailing programs this year (an increase of 8.4% over last summer). Sail To Prevail collaborated with 27 other organizations to provide sailing experiences for children and adults with disabilities or critical illness. In addition to these groups, 44 enthusiastic individuals registered for sailing instruction. Family members are encouraged to sail with participants for support and supervision, for a grand total of 1,567 individuals.

The 2015 Adaptive Sailing season in Newport continues its success

Newport Adaptive Sailing: Our team of certified sailing instructors in Newport provided 348 instructional sessions (up to 5 people per boat) for physically and developmentally disabled children and adults. From towns all over Rhode Island, 25 organizations brought their clients to experience sailing.

Confidence is Cool filled 26 camp sessions with disabled children, ages 7 to 17, who participated in sailing two days a week, as well as other confidence-building sports, creative activities and field trips. Once again, Confidence is Cool collaborated with the Newport YMCA to invite their disabled children to sail, and the Y shared their gym and pool with “our kids.”

Racing sessions were conducted on 7 Wednesday evenings for disabled individuals who enjoy competition and want to increase their skills. A trophy was awarded to the sailor who scored the highest points during the “2015 Independence Summer Series.”

Veterans enrolled in two programs this year. The annual “PVA Weekend” in June was enjoyed by 11 Veterans with disabilities, each with a spouse or friend, for a total of 22. In July, 49 Veterans and 17 volunteers from all over New England sailed for two days as part of Veterans Administration New England Health Care System adaptive sports program.

Sail Away from Cancer program sailed 4 times this summer (filling 15 boats) and served 71 people. The children get to have a day away from cancer treatment to enjoy sailing with their family members and Resident Doctors from Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Nantucket Adaptive Sailing: In Nantucket, MA, our single “Independence 20” sailboat sailed weekdays for six weeks, and provided 44 sailing sessions for 100 participants. Many of the Nantucket clients are children on the broad spectrum of autism. Sail To Prevail collaborates with 2 Island organizations: Autism Speaks and the Nantucket STARS program.