Sail To Prevail boat passing in front of Rose Island
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Quotes & Testimonies - 2011

Sail To Prevail participants 2011Adaptive Sailing Participants:

I love steering the boat! – Joyce

Wearing the life jacket is fun. I like meeting new people like me. I love the team spirit. It is a great experience. – Kenny

I like to sing when I sail. – Vivien

For the first time in my life, I felt empowerment. – Lori

I started in the front of the boat with the sails and then got to drive! I was the captain. I bonded with my agency and staff. – Ben

The feeling of sailing lasts forever! – Mike

I felt the wind at my face. I like the sensation of sailing. – Dave (blind sailor)

I never knew I could go sailing. The lifts are easy and great. Mixture of disability and people has helped me in life. It is the best sensory and learning experiences I’ve ever had. Positive and relaxing. I felt free and limitless. – Rebecca

It encouraged me to try new things. I liked to prepare for tacks and talk before it happened. I overcome barriers after sailing. – Dave (autistic)

Sailing helped me feel more comfortable in group and social settings. – Matt

I never knew I would sail. Each time I went sailing, I improved. The second time, I even volunteered to steer the boat! – Greg

Sail To Prevail encouraged me to try new things in life. At first I was scared, but then I volunteered to sail the boat! – Jessica

Sailing made me more confident. It made me happy and proud! I love Sail To Prevail! – Johnny

Sail To Prevail is great! – Curt (Age 53)

Every time I go, I want to go more. – Rachel (Age 55, significant developmental difficulties)


Sail To Prevail with happy sailors aboardSupervisors and Volunteers:

Our clients like it so much, we have to pry them off the boat. – Joni

The lifts making getting in and out of the boat easy. The kids have smiles on their faces all year long from Sail To Prevail. The calming affect on the kids is like no other activity.

Now that I'm back home, I just wanted to write to you and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to volunteer at Sail to Prevail. It's such a great place and it was a wonderful experience for me. I remember being sort of worried on my first day because I wasn't sure what to expect or whether I would actually be able to make a proper contribution, but everyone was so nice
and welcoming. I hope that there might be an opportunity for me to return next summer and help out again. I felt such respect for the people I sailed with and for the people who work with you. It really meant a lot to me. –
Olivia (Volunteer)


Sailors climbing aboard Sail To Prevail boatsDirectors:

Sailing is a positive addition to in-patient therapy. Sailing is an experience that makes patients feel more normal. It made them feel like they were a part of something. There is a high risk of depression [with cancer patients], and sailing helps reduce that. It is a positive break from their daily struggles.
Jaclyn Kline, Resident Doctor (Hasbro Children’s Hospital)

Sailing we know they like – it puts smiles on their faces. We notice how much it makes them relax for days and weeks after. It helps the staff coordinate with each other and with the clients. Everyone benefited. – Penny Merris, Director of Day Services (West Bay)

The staff is always courteous and professional. It makes the whole experience easy and pleasurable. Everyone knows Sail To Prevail as being a first-class operation.
Elaine Scott (ARC of Blackstone Valley)

We have clients that are diagnosed with Down syndrome, and sailing does lots to relax them. It helps them focus on quality of life. – Joni Lonczak (LaPlante Center)

Sailing is a great combination of skills. It also takes clients out of their daily routine and allows them to experience new challenges, like using the mainsheet or the tiller. Something different from everyday life at our Center. – Kathy McCauley (Maher Center)


Happy young girl with Sail To PrevailConfidence is Cool Parents:

At the conclusion of 2011 Confidence is Cool camp, these are some of the letters we received from the parents of participants:

Grace Our daughter, Grace, looks forward every summer to her time at Sail To Prevail. It is a place where she is able to truly be herself and feel not only accepted, but appreciated for who she is as a person. She has developed bonds unlike any others in her life with a staff that sees beyond disability. Her time with other children who are meeting their own challenges is also invaluable. The opportunity she has to be in such a beautiful location as Newport and participate in activities unique to most of her peers, such as sailing, bring her great pride! We couldn't be happier!

Abi Hi Sarah! Where do I start :) This is Abi's second year attending Sail to Prevail. I think it has become the highlight of her summer. Maybe highlight of her year!! She wants to be a camp counselor when she' s too old to attend:) There are a lot of summer camps around, but yours is the only one who specifically cater to kids like Abi. Camp Sail To Prevail makes these kids feel that they can do anything, and Sarah, you and your wonderful staff of counselors and volunteers tirelessly help prove to them that they actually can!! Thank you so much. :)

Evan This was my son's 4th year attending Sail to Prevail Camp. He always looks forward to seeing the friend's he has made over the years, especially the staff! He feels so free when he is on the water .There are no limits placed on his disability. I am so happy that he is involved in such a camp that gives these children the confidence to do anything. I am always telling people about this camp so that their children can experience what Evan does!

Johnny Oh my, not sure what to say. It is not like just going to a camp for Johnny, it is like being with family. All of the counselors are amazing. At Sail to Prevail Johnny feels "NORMAL." (oh how I hate that word) The counselors work so hard to enable our kids to believe that anything is possible. They truly take them to the ends of the earth. Whether it be sailing, swimming, hiking.....hiking who knew a child in a wheelchair could go hiking? Where there is a will there is a way as far as Sarah and her wonderful team of counselors are concerned.

At 16 Johnny has such a need for independence, which Sail to Prevail provides him with. It is a safe place for him to be without us. To be a typical teenager without his parents hovering over him. He has formed such strong bonds with the counselors; Lauren, Jesse, Matt, Molly, and of course Sarah just to mention a few. He has also formed friendships with the campers, i.e. people like himself. The campers may have different disabilities, but it is their ABILITIES that are highlighted.

Sorry I know you are busy and I was trying to make it short but this camp means so much to us as a family that it is hard to use only a few words to describe it. Maybe this can sum it up. Every year on the last day as we pull away and head for our long drive home back to NY (and yes it is absolutely worth the trip), a voice from the backseat says "Mom, how many days until I have camp again?" I sadly have to say 365 days buddy :(