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Wednesday Night Racing

Racing for Skill and Fun!

For those (disabled) sailors who aspire to increase their skills and have some fun, Sail To Prevail offers Wednesday night racing (and some Saturdays) from our docks in Fort Adams Park, Newport, RI. The Independence 20 sailboats are skippered by the disabled participants, and each is responsible for bringing his/her own able-bodied crew (putting into practice the life-skills of leadership and teamwork!). One Sailing Instructor will be on-site to administer the program. Participants and their crew members need to register with the regular registration and waiver forms, available on this web site. Arrive at the docks at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and race from 6:00 p.m. to sunset. It is fleet racing, which means all the boats race together, to a mark (buoy) and back again. At the end of the season, a trophy will be given to the winner of the first place boat, assuming the participant has sailed in 80% of the races. This program is based on participants’ interest, so the exact schedule will be developed accordingly.

There is no “fee” for race night, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Please contact the Head Sailing Instructor for addition information.

Loretta MacDonald

Wednesday Night Racing My love of sailing began when I was introduced to the sport on Jamaica Pond in Boston while in my early teens. After the first lesson, I was hooked! From that point on, I began watching weather and wind to see if it was a good day for sailing. A good day for sailing made it a very good day! I began racing on Wednesday nights while teaching third grade in Rehoboth MA. Wednesday was the only day I left the building just after the children. It was well worth the scramble. Since I began sailing with Sail To Prevail in Newport, checking the conditions to see if we can race each Wednesday night, I’ve received the same feeling of excitement that I felt as a teenager as I prepared to sail. The racing program has been a highlight event for me each summer week for the past dozen years or so. Being out on the water with other sailors, competing and enjoying the beauty of Newport Harbor is a wonderful experience. Though our sailing experiences vary greatly, we just love being out there racing! 

Paralympic Training Program

For disabled sailors who are increasing in skill and want to explore whether they have “got what it takes” to train for and compete in the Paralympic Games, our comprehensive Paralympic Training Program is geared toward these aspiring Paralympians. All three Paralympic Class boats will be available – Sonar (3-person boat), SKUD-18 (2-person boat), and 2.4 Metre (1-person boat) – so that Sail To Prevail can offer disabled individuals the opportunity for instruction, training, and progress toward their Paralympic goals. This individualized program includes training on the water (practicing skills, tactics, racing strategy), as well as off-the-water components (fund raising, logistics, athletic training), for a winning Paralympic program.

This training program is directed by two-time Paralympic medalist Tom Brown, and Paralympic Skipper and Sail To Prevail CEO, Paul Callahan, as well as other qualified instructors and Paralympians, to be invited as coaches and guest speakers.

When specific training clinics are scheduled, the information and registration forms will be posted on our Calendar page.

Paralympic Regattas

Occasionally, Sail To Prevail hosts training or a regatta for the International Federation of Disabled Sailors (IFDS), having Paralympic teams from across the USA and/or around the world compete at the highest skill level. Our CEO, Paul Callahan, continues to pursue his own Paralympic “Gold,” so his interaction and competition on the national and international levels naturally bring the focus and action to Sail To Prevail from time to time.

Sail To Prevail Paralympic Regatta - St. Petersburg, Florida: 2011 PRESS RELEASE

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Sail to Prevail Paralympian group photo 2011

Paralympic Regatta, FL 2011Paralympic Regatta, FL 2011Paralympic Regatta, FL 2011